Working together to eliminate extreme poverty – one family at a time

Gnu Foundation works together with some of the best global partners there are. Including: Kiva.org; Children of Strength; and California-based When-I-Grow-Up  (WIGU).  Gnu Foundation actively partners with WIGU in Kenya, Haiti and more recently in Guatemala. WIGI’s dedicates itself to eradicate ‘extreme poverty’ — helping the 1.6 billion people living on less that $1.25 per day. In the words of Gilbert Foster, WIGU's Executive Director – “We are ambassadors for the poor – we've been to where extreme poverty grips people — $1.25 a day doesn't buy much living – we've see it, we've walked it, smelt it, tasted it, and its not living… its dying, slowly dying. We invite you to join the movement to be a life giver!”

At Gnu, we've joined hand in hand with WIGU in this global life giving movement by ‘wrapping’ their local support initiatives with our microloan programs. In 5 short years we have funded over 1,000 business microloans for WIGU supported local partners. We view it as venture capital for the poor!

You can view some excellent WIGU produced videos here – All of the individuals and children and programs shown in the videos are the local beneficiaries of our joint program efforts in the field. Where WIGU is serving – Gnu Foundation is working alongside them to financially empower families to leave extreme poverty behind.

Also — to watch a sweet Christmas carol from Mercy Queen, a student of the Furaha Community Foundation Secondary School — a Gnu Foundation partner organization — please click here: Happy Holidays everyone!!