Graphic showing direct impact of the pyroclastic lava flow from Fuego Volcano June 6, 2018

Graphic showing direct impact of the pyroclastic lava flow from Fuego Volcano June 6, 2018

Just returned from Guatemala working with our local Gnu Partner, Hope for Guatemala, in the immediate aftermath of the eruption of the Fuego Volcano. Our Gnu Partners were on site providing water, protective gear, and food supplies to aid the rescuers and survivors of the eruption. It’s another in a long list of tragedies hitting those that can least afford it. It was very humbling and a reality check to be walking on top of the lava ash field that now covers a town of 2,500 - with 1/3 still buried beneath, including some family members of our local Gnu Partner. More bodies recovered in the last few days, most of them in a condition like those found in Pompeii.  We did hear some miraculous stories of survival, meeting with a man who helped 40 people gather in a church that was buried on 3 sides (see photos below), yet they managed to escape after hours of waiting with the air outside at several hundred degrees. 

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On a positive note, so much good is being done through our local partner who has set up a temporary school and residential shelter for 150 family members, and work daily to provide water, food and protective face masks for the workers.  The children of the surviving families are excited to get back to school this last week. It’s amazing to see the perseverance and joy in these youth!

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As you know 100% of every dollar donated will make it directly to benefit those in the field. Right now a little goes a long way in supporting the hundreds of families lost or displaced due to the volcano’s wrath.  In spite of the high risk, families continue to search for those lost (if they can afford to pay for the search). The emphasis is now on the survivors, many of them children, who we are helping with shelter, food and schooling. It’s s long road back but the good work has begun!