Dr. Charles Sempere, father of Gnu Foundation founder James Sempere, passed away in January, 2012.  Memorial gifts made to the Gnu Foundation in his honor have been placed in a new dedicated special fund to purchase medicines and benefit the work of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Hospital (IHM) in Kilimambogo, Kenya.

IHM, an small independent community hospital located in rural Kenya also runs and supports the Community of Hope — an on-site children’s home for young orphans impacted by AIDS.  The hospital was greatly affected by last year’s drought in Kenya and patients were coming and they could not raise hospital bills or cover the cost of required medicines. The financial stress to the hospital in providing free care was significant, and in the words of the hospital leadership “This new memorial fund will go a long way in bringing the hospital to its feet again”.

When Dr. Sempere, an obstetrician, finally retired after building a successful private practice while serving on the active staffs of two local hospitals in various positions including: Chief of Staff, Medical Director, and Chairman of the OB-GYN Department — he was beginning to deliver a third generation of babies.

If you would like to learn more about the dedicated work of the IHM hospital and the service they provide vulnerable children and a challenged rural community or wish to make a donation to the Dr. Charles Sempere memorial fund, please contact James Sempere directly @