Macheo is a foundation in Thika, Kenya, operating:

  • a childrens home for 56 children
  • an education program to support thousands of children
  • various other programs to reach out to vulnerable children and their families in the surrounding slums
  • income producing programs in order for families to become less financially dependent on sponsors and donors in time.

The Gnu Foundation has partnered with Macheo to provide funds to support family empowering micro-credit loan program initiatives in the Thika area, including direct programs within the Thika Kiandutu slums.

The name Kiandutu literally means, “a place with jiggers” and the living conditions of this town reflects that difficult environment. It’s considered to be the second largest slum area in Kenya and is occupied by more than 50,000 people. A majority of these residents have no near-by access to clean running water. Several times a day, Kiandutu residents have to walk a little over 1 kilometer to fetch water in non-sterile containers at the cost of two shillings per container. The water in the closest river many kilometers away, is severely contaminated with both humans and animal waste; and is therefore unfit for consumption.

For more information on Macheo please visit/contact:

Macheo Children’s Centre
P.O. Box 3443
01002 Madaraka, Thika
Kenya (East-Africa)
Contact by e-mail