Grameen America is a microfinance organization with a mission to alleviate poverty through entrepreneurship by providing loans, savings programs, credit establishment and other financial services to the working poor, especially poor women, here in the United States.

Grameen America is built upon the success of the Grameen Bank, founded by Professor Muhammad Yunus in Bangladesh, the Grameen Bank is the most widely recognized microfinance organization in the world. This success earned both Professor Yunus and the Grameen Bank the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006.

James Sempere, Gnu Foundation’s founder, has been actively supporting and working with Grameen America as a Senior Advisor for a number of years to establish local partnerships and spearhead the major fund raising activities to bring the Grameen America operations to the Bay Area of California.  Local lending operations were recently successfully launched in Oakland, California.

For more on Grameen America microfinance programs please go to: Grameen America