In the middle of the second largest slum in Nairobi called Huruma (350,000 est. pop) is the Furaha Community Foundation (Furaha is Swahili for ‘joy’). Four incredible young Kenyans lead this center – Chris, Dan, David & Kerry. Each of these young men grew up in the slum and with the high school education they managed to obtain, along with the college work they are currently doing, they could have left the slum life. But, God has placed on their hearts a stirring vision to see the orphans of the slum given hope and a future. So they have all stayed to bring such hope. It is young leaders like these that are the heroes of Africa.

The hub of the Furaha Community Foundation is a school of 350 children. Of the children, 80% are orphans and at least 50% of them are HIV positive.  The school receives no government funding but with the help of incredible volunteers from within the community, they are running a school that brings hope and a future.

Gnu Foundation has come along side the FCF establishing a microloan program. Any guardian of a student attending the school is eligible to participate in the Gnu/FCF microcredit program.  To date, many new businesses have sprung up and existing ones strengthened in retail food service, clothing, tailoring, fish mongering, barbering, embroidery, soap making and even an ice cream vendor — all providing solid income for hundreds of family members.

For a video from our partner When I Grow Up describing the Furaha Community Centre community please visit:The FCF community and Diana’s Story.