Ol Donyo (means ‘mountain of the buffalo’) a dusty rural town located 85 km northeast of Nairobi at the base of 8,000 ft. Mount Kilimambogo, is home to the Donyo Integrated Sports Centre (DISC) a Gnu Foundation funded youth sports center established to provide opportunities for local youth through sporting activities and career vocational training.  The program, originally centered around boxing and physical training programs for boys and young men, has been expanded to include remedial educational and micro-enterprise programs for both young men and women.

The DISC Ladies Alive program is a livelihood program born out of concern related to emerging teenage pregnancy and early ‘marriages’ that usually don’t work making the girls in Donyo both culturally and economically vulnerable.  The program is intended to build on the existing micro finance, and micro–agriculture that exist in this community – to provide economic opportunities for the guardians of youth enrolled in the DISC programs and the older youth themselves.

For a description of the DISC initiative please click:  DISC Initiative For more about Ol Donyo Sabuk please visit: Ol Donyo Sabuk