"If we have reached the conclusion that self- employment represents another alternative for citizens of working age...[then] it is crucial that we change the current negative image that many of us have of this form of employment."

–  Raúl Castro, December, 2010. 

After several years of relationship building, Gnu Foundation was excited to fund our first round of small social businesses in Cuba.   Small is beautiful, and powerful.  Moving from subsidy to entrepreneurship is no small thing, not for the individual or for their family.  As our model proves, we are beginning small through local self-employment in urban areas, and establish support for successful new agricultural businesses of pig, goat and sheep rearing in several rural communities.

The new entrepreneurs will have instant access to resources and an established business.  Yes, there are many challenges to individuals wanting to better themselves in Cuba, but through our decentralized, local leadership model,  we are dedicated to being part of the ‘solution’ not the problem.  Our congratulations to our newest Gnu partners in Cuba!